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At LIG, we believe in safeguarding your car, truck and heavy duty machinery with the right filters. As a commitment to our customers, we only offer filters from world leading brands that have been tested and proven to be high quality by international standards. As Jamaica's trusted filter distributor across several industries, we stock a wide range of filters to fit your cabin, air, engine and fuel needs.


Our sales representatives have the expertise to properly diagnose your filter issues. With your chassis or product serial number, they can recommend the right filter for your car, SUV, truck or heavy duty machine. Call us today to get started at 876-933-0688.


Automotive, Industrial and Heavy Duty

Wix Filters are compatible with over 70 automotive and industrial brands inclusive of Toyota, BMW, CAT, John deere, Freightliner, International and more. LIG offers cabin, oil, air and fuel filters under the WIX Brand with several applications that span across several industries inclusive of automotive (cars, suvs and trucks), farming, construction and much more.

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Our Filters

Our premium Industrial and Heavy-duty filters are meticulously engineered to provide maximum protection, ensuring the filtration of your machinery and resulting in exceptional performance.

Choose LIG's automotive and industrial filters as your go-to choice for superior engine care.

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Why should I buy a high quality filter from LIG?


Advanced Filtration Technology

Our filters are equipped with advanced technology to capture and trap contaminants, keeping your oil clean and your engine running smoothly.


Unmatched Durability

The Oil Filters brands offered by LIG are built to withstand the toughest conditions. From extreme temperatures to challenging terrains, our filters ensure longevity and durability.



Our Filters are compatible with a wide range of vehicles and machinery. Our filters are engineered to meet or exceed the specifications of leading automotive, industrial and truck manufacturers.



Investing in high quality filters is an investment in the life span of your engine that will save you more in the long run. Enjoy cost-effective solutions with filters that deliver exceptional performance.

AT LIG, you can depend on the quality from brands we trust.


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